Friday, July 30, 2010

Leer ook Duits

Also Learning German

My kamermaat het my aangemoedig om Duits te leer. Ek gebruik BYKI vir dit, soos Afrikaans en sal binnekort "Teach Yourself German" koop. Ek sal nog konsentreer op Afrikaans, maar sal probeer om tyd vir Duits te maak :).

My roommate has encouraged me to learn German. I'm using BYKI for it, like Afrikaans, and will soon buy "Teach Yourself German." I'll still concentrate on Afrikaans, but will try to make time for German :).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fietsry, die goed en die sleg

Cycling, the Good and the Bad

Verlede week was die eerste keer in a lang tyd wat ek elke dag werk toe fietsgery. So ver vandeesweek het ek dieselfde gedoen. Ek voel goed, maar daar is een klein probleem. Ek het 'handlebar palsy', 'n soort van ulnar neuropathy'. Ek kry soms 'n 'pins and needles' sensasie in my linker pinkie en ringvinger wanneer ek my fiets ry. Ek het nuwe opgestopte fietsryhandskoene gekoop en ek verander dikwels die posisie van my hande op die stuur. Dit het 'n bietjie gehelp, maar ek sal nog my dokter gaan sien.

Last week was the first week in a long time that I cycled to work every day. So far this week, I've done the same. I feel good, but there's one small problem. I have "handlebar palsy," a type of "ulnar neuropathy." I sometimes get a "pins and needles" sensation in my left pinky and ring-finger when I ride my bicycle. I bought new padded bike gloves and I often change the position of my hands on the handlebars. It's helped a bit, but I'm still going to see my doctor.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alles was zählt

All That Matters

Gisteraand was "Duitse Sepie Nag" wat ek saam met my kamermaat geniet het. Will leer Duits en in dié aande kyk hy en ek na "Alles was zählt", 'n sepie oor atlete by 'n elite sportgerief. Ek verstaan nie Duits nie (miskien een van die dae), maar gelukkig het die Youtube clips onderskrifte :).

Will en ek eet selde saam, maar ek het baie vrye tyd na werk. Ek het besluit om Indiese kos te maak, die soort wat ek beste doen (dankie aan my Gujarati vriend, Nikita).

Gebakte Aloo Jeera (aartapels met komyn)
Baked Aloo Jeera (potatoes with cumin)

Word saam met Matar Dal (kerrie van geel-ertjies), rys en sambal bedien.
Served with Matar Dal (curry of yellow split peas), rice, and sambal.

Die gelukkige kamermaat
The happy roommate
The captions state "very tasty" in German & Afrikaans.

Last night was "German Soap Opera Night," which I enjoyed with my roommate. Will is learning German and on these nights he and I watch "Alles was zählt," a soap about athletes at an elite sporting facility. I don't understand German (maybe one of these days), but luckily the Youtube clips have subtitles :).

Will and I rarely eat together, but I had a lot of free time after work. I decided to make Indian food, the kind I do best (thanks to my Gujarati friend, Nikita).

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Berlyn is lekker

Berlin is Great

Hier is 'n uittreksel van ‘n blog boodskap deur my vriend Alexander wat ook Afrikaans leer. Dit is die grootste vertaling wat ek probeer het. Ek het nog ‘n woordeboek nodig gehad vir woorde soos teleurstel, vloek en orals, maar ek is bly dat ek die meeste van die woorde en sinne sonder hulp verstaan het. Ag, en ek hou van die Tolkien verwysing :).

Here is an excerpt from a blog post by my friend Alexander who is also learning Afrikaans. It’s the biggest translation that I’ve tried. I still needed a dictionary for words like disappoint, curse, and everywhere, but I’m happy that I understood most of the words and sentences without help. Oh, and I like the Tolkien reference :).

Klik hier vir die volteks in Afrikaans op Alexander se blog.
Click here for the full text in Afrikaans on Alexander’s blog.
Ons is nou terug van Berlyn af en ek wil sê dat Berlyn so ‘n mooi en interessante stad is. Ons het baie lekker gekuier want Berlyn is ‘n stad vol geskeidenis en kultuur. Dis nie een van die meeste populêr toeriste stede in Europa nie maar ek hou baie daarvan. Dis goedkoop, vriendelik en dit herinneer my aan my jeug buite Köln.

We're now back from Berlin and I'd like to say that Berlin is such a beautiful and interesting city. We had a great visit, for Berlin is a city full of history and culture. It isn't one of the most popular tourist cities in Europe, but I like it there. It's affordable, friendly, and reminds me of my youth outside of Cologne.

I think many people forget that if you're going overseas for a few days, then you're usually a tourist. It's easy to believe that you're not and to say, "I don't like touristy things, I'm going wherever the local people go, to the non-tourist bars, shops, restaurants, etc." and to believe that you're other than your usual tourist. Yes, maybe you do it all, maybe you have friends that live there, but the fact that you're overseas, in a different country means that you're a visitor. If I go away, I enjoy being a tourist. I want to see and discover a city's or country's tourist attractions, I want to be amazed and learn new information, and feel a foreign experience, both in the UK and overseas. And yes, I want to take a lot of photos.

It was my third visit, but I was a true tourist and wanted to see everything, but unfortunately didn't have enough time. Friday, we walked around a little in Friedrichshain and Berlin, then met a German friend for a few drinks. Saturday I made it to the “Third Reich in Berlin” tour, which was really interesting, especially since I studied modern history at university, but I wasn't so impressed with the young English tour guide. Other than the fact that I don't think his information and interpretations were always correct, he also swore a lot, which wasn't necessary. It gives the wrong impression of English people and isn't professional. He was probably trying to be everyone's chum; I don't want a new chum, I want to learn! Then I went to Kreuzberg to watch my wife's rollerderby match. Her team beat the Berliner team and then we partied on a boat on the Spree river.

Sunday I walked around alone and visited the German Democratic Republic (GDR) Museum, but I was a little disappointed with it - not as disappointed as I would have been had I actually grown up in East Germany. It didn’t look fun, and I'm certainly happy that we lived in West Germany. I also saw a few parts of the Berlin Wall, parts that still remained. It's difficult now to believe that the city was split in two halves and that the border went by houses, buildings, and streets. People could look over the Wall to the other side, but couldn't go visit their neighbors. Not far from the old Wall stands the Fernsehturm (television tower) that looks out over the whole city. You saw it everywhere and it saw you everywhere. If you were in West Berlin, it was a symbol of East Germany, a bit like the Eye of Sauron! I also visited the New Synagogue, which is quite beautiful with its Byzantine-style dome.

Sunday, England played against Germany in soccer and there was a really amazing atmosphere with vuvuzelas and a thousand people. I read that there more than 200,000 people in the Tiergarten watching the match on bigscreens, but I also read that more than 500,000 fans were in the city center. Unbelievable! England played horribly and Germany was much better, so no one complained with the outcome.

When we flew back, there was a beautiful view out of the window over the Netherlands, and I could see Lake IJssel, Flevopolder and Northeast Polder (Flevoland), the Afsluits Dam and the Houtrib Dam. They look so beautiful and impressive. I must definitely go visit.

I really enjoyed being able to speak German again, but I forgot a lot and owing to my CIMA studies, I don’t know when I will learn it again. I spoke it a bit and I remembered a good deal, but sometimes I began muttering in Afrikaans, so I must try to find a little time to continue learning.

Like always, let me know if I made hideous mistakes above, and below are a few photos.

-- Alexander

Dieselfde vir my.
The same for me.