Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chris Rock in SA

The following is reprinted with permission from "Worsbeursie" of Snaaksgenoeg (Funny Enough). I've been reading various South African blogs and a review from this one caught my eye. Here's an excerpt of the original text, followed by my attempt at translation:

Chris Rock maak rassistiese grappe en ek lag my gat af

Ek en Trilwillem het Sondag na Chris Rock se laaste show op die Suid-Afrikaanse toer gaan kyk.

Ek het my gat af gelag.

Dit was ongelooflik om te sien dat nie een demografiese groep sterk verteenwoordig was nie. Daar was van ge-dreadlock-de wit studente tot swart huisvroue. Daar was van kleurling daggarokers (langs my) tot ‘n ma en haar seun (ander kant langs Trilwillem).

Ek dink die gebrek aan een groep van mense is te wyte aan Chris Rock se styl van komedie en persoonlikheid...

For the rest of the original text in Afrikaans, please visit Snaaksgenoeg.


Chris Rock makes racist jokes and I laugh my ass off

On Sunday, Trillwillem and I went to watch Chris Rock's last show on the South African tour.

I laughed my ass off.

It was unbelievable to see that no single demographic group was overly represented. There were dreadlocked white students to black housewives. There were coloured* weed-smokers (next to me) to a mother and her son (an the other side next to Trilwillem).

I think the lack of a single group of people is because of Chris Rock's style of comedy and personality. It's wonderful to see a black man who is proud of being black and is embarassed and irritated by the crap that other black people can engage in (just like I'm embarassed and irritated by the far right, brandy-drinking, bearded idiots who bring the old South African flag to a Bok van Blerk concert). He jokes about white dudes, but I never got into a bad mood. He has a big problem with the unenlightened, overly-politically correct crap that now, more than ever, goes around. He says well what we all know but aren't allowed to say.

In short. I was very impressed. With the comedy and with Chris himself.

If you can, buy a dvd and don't just watch the goods on Youtube. It's worth it.

One warning, don't watch Chris Rock together with your mother, you'll be frakking, deathly embarassed. Like the poor chap next to me who found out the hard way.

* "Coloured" in South Africa (as well as Namibia and other neighboring nations) refers to multiracial people. For more info, click here.


Worsbeursie said...

Hey, good one Verdant. It is obvious you have an excellent grasp of Afrikaans. There are a few grammar mistakes, but it is clear you understood what is essentially 'insider' Afrikaans, written for very Afrikaans people.

Verdant said...

Dankie vir die kommentaar!

Andre said...


Just to help you out 'n little. In jou opskrif bo aan jou site, se jy "'n Amerikaner wat leer afrikaans" die laatse twee woorde moet omgeruil word. n Amerkikaner wat afrikaans leer". Ek is bly jy stel so baie belang in ons taal!

Verdant said...

Whoops, thanks for the correction!

Andre said...


A human kind of human said...

Verdant, is jy seker jy leer nog Afrikaans. Jou vertaling is uitstekend. Hier en daar 'n klein foutjie maar ek dink dis beter vertaal as wat meeste Afrikaanse mense dit kon doen. Dit word tyd dat jy kom kuier sodat jy kan oefer (giggle).

Verdant said...

There are still massive gaps in my knowledge. Some days, I'll read an Afrikaans blog and get the gist of it, other days I'll find one that is an impenetrable wall of text! That's why I was so excited about this passage from SnaaksGenoeg. While I still had to use my aanlyn woordeboek, I was able to follow along reasonably well :).

I was actually hoping to visit South Africa for the World Cup, but I hate, hate, hate traveling alone. I had two friends that were going to accompany me, but they had to change their plans. Een van die dae!

Trilwillem said...

As jy ooit Suid Afrika toe kom, spesifiek Johannesburg, dan moet jy vir ons laat weet by Snaaksgenoeg

Verdant said...

Ek sal beslis!