Thursday, July 02, 2009


(Die Seekoei en die Skilpad)

(The Hippo and the Turtle)


Ek hou van Afrikaans, maar ek ook hou van Japans. Ek het Japans in skool gestudeer en drie vriende praat dit. Ek ook weer sal Japans studeer.

I like Afrikaans, but I like Japanese, too. I studied Japanese in school and three of my friends speak it. I'll also study Japanese again, though Afrikaans will remain my primary focus for now.

There's a lot of debate on the ability to learn two languages at once. The general consensus is that the greater the difference in the languages, the better. Afrikaans and Japanese are in two completely separate language families (Indo-European and Altaic), so we'll see how this goes. It'll be a personal experiment. If it doesn't work out too well, I'll drop Japanese for now and continue on with Afrikaans.

Here's some humorous advice from a polyglot on learning languages, including more than one simultaneously:

Learning a language is like having a pet.

Afrikaans sal my seekoei wees & 日本語を私の亀がいます;).

Afrikaans will be my hippo &Japanese will be my turtle ;).

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