Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Middagete met Jaguars

(Lunch with Jaguars)

My vriend Justin praat vlot Japans. Hy vertaal Japanse video en rekenaar speletjies vir werk. Hy is ook 'n kunstenaar. Ek het sy wonderlike 33x48 cm digitale skildery "Lunch Date" gekoop. Die onderklere en jaguars is baie oulik! Hier is 'n jpeg:

Die prys was een honderd dollars. Daar is vier-en-twintig kopies beskikbaar. E-pos hom na manchester[punt]waxton[by] gmail[punt]com (ek haat spambotte) om een te koop.

My friend Justin speaks fluent Japanese. He translates Japanese video and computer games for work. He is also an artist. I bought his wonderful 13x19 inch digital painting, "Lunch Date." The underwear and jaguars are really cute!

The price was $100. There are 24 copies available. To purchase one, email him at manchester[dot]waxton[at] gmail[dot]com (I hate spambots).

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lang Loop

(Long Walk)

Sondag was LGBT Pride in San Francisco, maar ek het 'n kalm naweek gewil. Dat is hoekom ek het die Castro af verlaat en my vriende se flat toe gegaan.

Om nege-uur nm. op Saterdag nag het Ben, Justin en ek
Oseaan Strand toe geloop. Ons het baie strand braais gesien. Om kwart oor tien nm. het ons Java Strand Kafee toe gewandel. 'n Plaaslike band het musiek gespeel. Almal het koffie gedrink. Swart koffie vir Ben, yskoffie vir Justin en 'n caramel latte vir my. Om kwart voor elf nm. het ons die kafee af verlaat. Ons was honger en het Eritreaanse kos by Nuwe Eritrea gewil, maar ons was laat :(!

Ons het per N-trein 19de en Judah toe gegaan. Daarvandaan het ons vir aandete
Video Kafee toe geloop. Op die restaurant se televisie was 'n Jackie Chan en Jet Li film, "Die Verbode Koninkryk." Die film was nie goed nie, maar die kos was. Ek het nie Ben en Justin se kos onthou nie, maar ek het eiers en roosterbrood geëet.

Om tienuur vm. op Sondag oggend het Ben en ek opgestaan. Ben het
seitan gekook. Hy is nie 'n vegetariër nie, maar hy hou van vegetariese kos. Dié tyd het Ben Koreaanse chili-sous gebruik. Dit was heerlik! Ek het lekker in die Richmond gekuier.

Sunday was LGBT Pride in San Francisco, but I wanted a calm weekend. That's why I left the Castro and went to my friends' apartment.

9pm on Saturday, Ben, Justin, and I walked to Ocean Beach. We saw many beach barbecues. 10:15pm we strolled to Java Beach Café. A local band was playing music. We all drank coffee. Black coffee for Ben, iced coffee for Justin, and a caramel latte for me. 10:45pm we left the café. We were hungry and wanted Eritrean food at New Eritrea, but it was late :(!

We took the N-train to 19th & Judah. From there we walked to Video Café for dinner. On the restaurant's TV was a Jackie Chan and Jet Li film, "The Forbidden Kingdom." It wasn't good, but the food was. I don't remember Ben's and Justin's food, but I ate eggs and toast.

10am on Sunday morning, Ben and I woke up. Ben cooked seitan. He isn't a vegetarian, but he likes vegetarian food. This time he used Korean hot sauce. It was delicious! I enjoyed my time the Richmond (lit. "I visited happily in the Richmond).

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Die Luidrugtigste Vriend

(The Loudest Friend)

Gisteraand het ek per huurmotor vriende se flat toe in die Richmond buurt van San Francisco gegaan. My vriende se name is Bakker, Ben en Justin. Bakker nie was daar nie, maar my ander vriend Connor was. Bakker is in Iowa.

Ben en ek het winkel toe geloop. Ons het vleispizza vir hulle en groentepizza vir my gekoop. Almal hou van rooipeper en ons het dit op die pizzas geplaas. Connor het die meeste teen ongeluk. He left the top off the dispenser!

Connor het Half-Lewe Twee gespeel en almal het na die rekenaar speletjie gekyk. Ons het by twee-uur vm. geslaap.

Vandag om halfelf vm. het Connor opgestaan. Ben en ek om eenuur nm. opgestaan. Connor het nie ontbyt geëet nie, maar Ben het roosterbrood en yogurt geëet en ek het roosterbrood en botter
geëet. Ben en ek ook het koffie gedrink. Ben se koffie was swart, maar ek het suiker in myne geplaas.

Justin het om tien voor drie nm. opgestaan. Connor en Half-Lewe Twee het hom wakker gemaak. Connor is die luidrugtigste vriend!

Last night, I took a taxi to my friends' apartment in the Richmond district of San Francisco. My friends' names are Baker, Ben, and Justin. Baker wasn't there, but my other friend Connor was. Baker is in Iowa.

Ben and I walked to the store. We bought meat pizza for them and vegetable pizza for me, We all love red pepper and put it on the pizzas. Connor put the most by accident. He left the top off the dispenser!

Connor played Half-Life 2 and everyone watched the game. We went to sleep at 2am.

Today, Connor wok up at 10:30am. Ben and I woke up at 1pm. Connor didn't eat breakfast, but Ben ate toast and yogurt and I ate toast and butter. Ben and I also drank coffee. Ben's coffee was black, but I put sugar in mine.

Justin woke up at 2:50pm. Connor and Half-Life 2 woke him up. Connor is the loudest friend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Groter Sterker Vinniger

Ek het "Groter, Sterker, Vinniger" vandag op Netflix gekyk. Die dokumentêr was omtrent steroids in Amerikaanse sport.

I watched "Bigger, Stronger, Faster" today on Netflix. The documentary was about steroids in American sports.

Unlike Super Size Me, where there was really only one side, BSF did a good job of grilling people on both sides of the issue. As the documentary went on, it became less about steroids and more about American culture as a whole.

"In a culture where second place is the first loser, the real heroes are the ones who win at all cost."

Somewhat chilling words that sum up the documentary. I highly recommend it!

Check out the trailer:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009



I'll have to keep my Afrikaans entries pretty small, at least at first. Even with an Afrikaans online dictionary, I don't have necessary foundation of grammar to say a lot. I thought about interspersing English phrases whenever I couldn't get an idea across, but decided against that for now. Here's today's quick Afrikaans entry.

Dit is halfses nm. Ek het na twee Afrikaans potgooi vandag in my slaapkamer geluister, "Afrikaans in Sydney" en "Cybersakkie." My flat het vier slaapkamers en een badkamer. Ek het twee kamermaats. Ons makeer een meer. Die plek is goed en is in die Castro buurt van San Francisco.

It is half before 6pm. I listened to two Afrikaans podcasts today in my bedroom, "Afrikaans in Sydney" and "Cybersakkie." My apartment has three bedrooms and one bathroom. I have two roommates. We need one more. The place is good and is in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wetenskap Fiksie Boeke

(Science Fiction Books)

Goeiemôre. Dit is tien voor elf vm. Ek het halfnege vm. opgestaan. Ek het kwart voor tien per my rooi fiets kantoor toe gegaan. Ek is moeg. Die heuwels van San Francisco is baie groot!

Ek het verlede maand drie baie goed wetenskap fiksie boeke gekoop. Ek lees "A Rage for Revenge." Die outeur is David Gerrold. Die hoof karakter is 'n biseksueel soldaat en bioloog. Die boek is die derde in die reeks, "War Against the Chtorr." Die eerste boek is "A Matter for Men" en die tweede boek is "A Day for Damnation." Die outeur ook was 'n Star Trek skrywer. Hy het "The Trouble with Tribbles" geskryf :).

Good morning. It's 10 before 11am. I got up at half to 9am. I went to the office at quarter to ten on my red bike. I'm tired. The hills of San Francisco are really big!

Last month I bought three really good science fiction books. I'm reading "A Rage for Revenge." The author is David Gerrold. The main character is a bisexual soldier and biologist. The book is the third in the series, "War Against the Chtorr." The first book is "A Matter for Men" and the second book is "A Day for Damnation." The author also was a Star Trek writer. He wrote "The Trouble with Tribbles" :).

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ek Leer Afrikaans

I'm currently learning Afrikaans, the creole of Dutch spoken in South Africa and Namibia (as well as other parts of southern Africa). I'm using two self-study course sets, Learn Afrikaans and Teach Yourself Afrikaans. The former jumps right into the language with colloquial phrases for tourists, while the latter concentrates on a firm foundation of grammar and vocabulary.

The bulk of my time is spent with TYA, but the vast majority of the dialogue is spoken as slow as molasses. I appreciate the speed for ease of comprehension, but I really think every audio clip should have two versions. One for introduction to the phrase and a second at normal speed so listeners can get acclimated to the pace of real speech. LA is all at normal speed, so it's a great supplement.

Every day, I'll leave a little bit about my day in Afrikaans for practice. Afrikaans sections will appear in green as a nod to the groen of the South African Rugby team, the Springboks. Here goes:

Goeiemôre! Dit is elf oor elf voor middag. Ek leer Afrikaans. Ek luister na die laserskyf, Learn Afrikaans. Elke dag lees ek die boek, Teach Yourself Afrikaans. Die prys vir die laserskyf en boek was vier-en-dertig dollars.

Elke oggend gaan ek per fiets kantoor toe. My fiets is rooi. My fiets se prys was een honderd tagtig dollars. Lekker prys!

Ek eet nie vleis nie. Gister het ek eiers en aartappels vir ontbyt geëet. Ook ek eet nie vis nie. Gisteraand het ek groente sushi geëet.

Good morning! It is 11:11am. I am learning Afrikaans. I listen to the CD, Learn Afrikaans. Every day, I read the book, Teach Yourself Afrikaans. The price for the CD and book was 34 dollars.

Every morning I go to the office by bike. My bike is red. My bike's price was $180. Great price!

I don't eat meat. Yesterday, I ate eggs and potatoes for breakfast. I also don't eat fish. Last night, I ate vegetable sushi.