Sunday, November 02, 2008

APE 2008

It was great to catch up with friends like Robert Kirby and make some new ones like Joey Sayers. Joey's work was my favorite find at APE hands down! Her various collection of strips have a really random, out there sense of humor that I love. I bought one mini of hers, read it, ran back nearly in tears from laughing, bought two more, and then came back again for yet another.

Mark Padilla (artist for Pride High #10's cover along with Johnny Nolan)

Rich Boutell of Whatever... along with table partner Desmond Miller, who did all the legwork for our application. Thank you Desmond!

A more cheerful Desmond

Justin Hall and Robert Kirby joking about something, though my camera managed to catch a moment that totally looks like a fight is about to break out ;)!

Steve MacIsaac

Rick Worley, Brian Andersen, and Joan Hilty

Jennifer Camper and her partner Emily

Brent, Robert Triptow, Prism Event Coordinator Ted Abenheim, with a Prism fan

Sina Grace

Other highlights:

A Comic Con/APE organizer, Ned, came up and praised Pride High and looked forward to seeing more of it at Comic Con 2009.

Robert Randle, purchasing assistant manager of (!)Diamond(!), urged me to send the Pride High trade paperback his way once it was completed!

I got to see Pele's hairstyle in real life! Sadly I didn't get her name :(.

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