Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Going Greek

With my favorite storyline on my favorite soap, Hollyoaks, coming to an end (*sniffle*), I was looking around online to find something to ease the pain. I stumbled upon this little gem. It's Greek, a show about a popular sister, a dorky brother, and the Greek houses they pledge into. Rusty, the brother, has a best friend named Calvin, who is one of the most refreshing depictions of a black man on TV since Keith from Six Feet Under. The biggest shock for me was to find out that this broadcast under the ABC FAMILY banner!

Here are some assorted clips of Calvin and his bf, Heath:


J. Campbell said...

this looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I've watched Greek since episode one first premiered and when Calvin ran out of Heath's room at the end I was floored, but intrigued. The show gives the gay without some emo storyline and throws so many stereotypes out the window. Calvin also has storylines that have nothing to do with his sexual preferences, which is a plus.

After all this time I'm still happy with the gay portrayal on the show. ABC Family has been a killer channel lately for quality television...Kyle XY is usually fantastic and I've heard good things about Lincoln Heights.

-AJ McKay