Sunday, June 08, 2008

Moong Dal Dosa

I LOVE dosas, but the cool temperature of San Francisco isn't conducive to the fermentation required by the usual rice/urad dal dosa. I know there are ways to get around this (the pilot light/stove light trick in ovens), but I've just never gotten around to trying that out. Luckily, Manjula, my newest fave chef presented this recipe for an unfermented dosa. Her recipe worked beautifully!

The original plan was to share these with my friend Manish for brunch, but then a minor disaster struck. The kitchen of the unit above mine flooded, causing massive leaks in the living room (and a trickle right over my bed). It could've been worse though, so I'm thankful.

I added a bit of water to make the batter easier to spread than pancake batter.

The trick to cooking dosas on cast iron is to make sure the surface is not only well-oiled, but very hot from center to edges before you pour the batter.

Carefully scoop under the edges a little bit at a time to prevent the dosa from shredding. Revolve the griddle once before flipping to get a good angle on all sides.

The top side doesn't have to be cooked for long, or even at all, if your dosa is thin enough.

Stuffed with spicy potatoes, these hearty dosas are a meal all by themselves.

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