Friday, May 02, 2008

Instinct Magazine Blind Date

Back in November, Pride High got a small blurb in Instinct Magazine. For the May issue hitting the stands this week, Pride High was featured again!

A regular section in Instinct Magazine is a city focus feature. Included in this is a 2-page blind date spread which introduces readers to the gay/gay-friendly fun spots of that month's city. For the May issue, the city focus has been replaced with a look at Prism Comics and several creators and works associated with them.

The blind date section was done in comic book format and features two characters from Pride High, several years after the events of the current storyline. For a closer look, here's the pdf submitted as a template draft for the spread:

Pick up Instinct for lots of other fun stuff being included in this issue!


Nenena said...

OMG Spoilers? ;)

I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw it coming a mile away.

Verdant said...

With all the fan fic being written on the Pride High boards, I decided to give Jorge/Dion fans a little gift :).