Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aloo Gobi

I recently discovered a GREAT Indian cooking show on Youtube, Manjula's Kitchen. I've got a huge stash of potatoes, so as soon as I saw her clip on Aloo Gobi (Spicy Potatoes and Cauliflower), I knew what I was making for dinner. I tweaked the recipe here and there, but it still came out really well. The biggest changes were the substitution of tomatoes for the mango powder and the addition of mustard seeds.

I've always had trouble with "dry" Indian dishes that lack a gravy base. The dreaded "burned and stuck to the bottom of the pan" problem was far too common. However, this time around, I succeeded, thanks to Manjula. Her secret is simple. Though the dish is classified as dry, adding the bare minimum of liquid for everything to steam is essential. When prepared correctly, by the time everything is done, all excess liquid will have evaporated.

While the Aloo Gobi was cooking, I reheated a batch of dal from 2 weeks ago. This was the first time I froze leftover dal for use later. It freezes quite well!

Aloo Gobi served with rice, dal, and yogurt.

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xcentric said...

must try this too.. Great to see you posting cookin stuff again!
(I finally have a kitchen again.. been great to be able to cook.)