Thursday, January 10, 2008

From a Blind Fan

I received the following this morning regarding the text adaptations of Pride High 1-3. A big thanks to John Taylor for helping to make the comic available to the blind & visually impaired!

The story "Pride High" is a very exciting story. It is packed with lots of action and has a captivating storyline. The characters are very well developed and it seems that if such things were possible they would be the kind of people that you would want on your side. At the end of each episode I can't wait for the next one to come out.

It is great that one of the main characters is both blind and LGBT. I feel that it brings the fact that not all LGBT people fit a certain mold. It also is cool that she is a super hero.

In my own experience there is very little support for the blind community in the LGBT community. It is almost like we are the "red headed step-child" of the group. If you are not meeting someone face to face for the first time and just talking on the phone and they hear the word "blind" they find some reason to get off the phone quickly and you never hear from them again. It is nice that one of the national blind organizations has a group of LGBT members that meet once a year to fight for our rights, but the more visibility we get the better.

The short story adaptation of the comic version of "Pride High" is very good. It compares very well with other adaptations that I have read. The descriptions are vivid enough that even without seeing the pictures you can see them in your head. The characters and the settings are described in detail which helps the blind reader to picture in their head what the visual reader is seeing.


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