Thursday, December 18, 2008

Suravi's Heritage

Something that comes up from time to time with Pride High is Suravi's ethnicity.

Though her skin is darker than many black Americans, she's actually Indian, Tamil to be specific. Mass media images from any country can often present a skewed image of its inhabitants, and India is no exception. Despite the billboards of women with fairer skin tones and "wheat complexions" there are plenty of Indians with skin just as dark as Suravi's. Here's a photo of a Tamil family:

[Click on image for larger version]

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Issue 7 in Print!

The print version of Pride High #7: Spring Forward is now available from!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

UK Radio

I was just interviewed by Alex Fitch of London's 104.4 FM as part of the station's December coverage on gay comics. As usual, I rambled a bit (about how much I love the Brit soap "Hollyoaks") and said "um" too much, but overall I think Chip & Claire would approve ;). A copy of the broadcast can be found here.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This year, for Thanksgiving, I decided to cook things well in advance. I'm heading to two gatherings, the first at Jefferson's and the second at BBJ House. My initial plan was to just cook roasted root veggies flavored with rosemary and thyme. I swung by my favorite little organic grocery, Buffalo, and picked up a golden beet, red beets, a turnip, purple potatoes, a sweet potato, a yukon gold potato, and carrots.

The recipe is simple. Chop the veggies into bite-size chunks, toss with 1/4 cup olive oil, 1 Tbsp of dried rosemary, 1 Tbsp of thyme, 1 tsp of pepper, 2 pinches of salt, and bake in a single layer in a preheated oven at 375 F for 40 minutes, tossing once in the middle (pot in image was not used for the actual cooking).

While making the potatoes, I was sufficiently motivated to try my hand at a vegan seitan "turkey." I'm pretty proficient with homemade seitan, but the recipe I wanted to try was very different. Back when I was vegan, I often heard of seitan roasts by Bryanna Clark Grogan, a popular vegan chef. Unlike the quick seitan recipes I was used to (30-45 minutes of boiling wheat gluten), Bryanna's most celebrated recipes required upwards of 3 hours in the oven. I was curious, but I just never got around to trying any of them.

I generally mess around with recipe instructions, but this time around, I followed Bryanna's instructions to the letter, including the use of a soaked clay pot.

The addition of nutritional yeast flakes to the mix was no surprise, as it gives a poultry-like flavor to seitan. I first learned of that from Jo Stepaniak back in my vegan days. The surprise ingredient for me was the full-fat soy flour in the dry mix and the block of tofu added to the wet.

Unlike other seitan recipes, this one required two kneadings broken by an hour rest for the dough.

Bryanna's parchment paper tip worked wonders.

It's very easy for seitan to stick to the bottom of pan, but with the parchment paper, turning the dough was a breeze.

Three and a half hours later, I was left with one of the best tasting meat analogues I've ever cooked!

The first stop was at Jefferson's, where we had an early dinner with his roommate, Britney, and his good friend, Nikki. Jefferson cooked the turkey and sweet potato biscuits, while Britney served pan-fried & roasted brussels sprouts and green beans with parmesan.

Nikki prepared cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, and roasted garlic mashed potatoes, my favorite dish of the meal. I was so busy munching down on all the great food, that I forgot to take a picture of the table! Jefferson and I planned to pace ourselves, but... well, that didn't happen.

When we arrived at BBJ House, we were greeted with this snazzy display.

Baker, Ben, Justin, and their LA friends Ben and Scott cooked so much food:

Turkey - Baker
Mapo Tofu - Baker (a BBJ House Thanksgiving tradition)
Fresh baked bread - Ben
Stuffing - Justin
Mashed Potatoes - Baker
Asparagus & Pearl Onions - Baker
Date Nut Torte - Justin
Ricotta Pie w/berry - Justin
Ricotta Pie w/chocolate chips - Justin
Shrimp stuff - Baker
Cranberry Sauce - Baker
More desserts 'n Wine - Scott 'n Ben

After the meal, we all settled down to watch The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Food, friends, and a great film, all added up to the best Thanksgiving I've had in recent memory.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Whistles and Ties

For the first time in ages, I decided to wear a tie to work. While waiting at the train stop, a guy on a motorcycle drove past and whistled loudly at me. I really should wear ties more often. Oh, and I love San Francisco.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Claymore Tribute

I can't believe it's been over a year since I first saw Claymore. It's the only work out there that rivals Bubble Gum Crisis for my fave anime of all time. Here's a fanvid with some of the most riveting moments of the series. I miss this show.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba, the singer and anti-apartheid activist died on November 9, in Castel Volturno, Italy.

I remember hearing Miriam's "Welela" album back in middle school. It was right around the time I really started to think about Apartheid in South Africa. It's so random, but I was thinking about her this past Saturday during a discussion of activism vs just keeping your life afloat.

Miriam played the role of the mother, Angelina, in the movie "Sarafina." There's a great scene where Sarafina, after looking down at her mother's lack of revolutionary fervor, suddenly realizes all the hard work that Angelina has put in, all the indignities she's suffered, just to keep her family together and fed. Sarafina finally realizes that she and her mother are both part of the struggle and she owes so much to her mother's strength. Miriam was amazing in the role, and I'm happy she lived long enough to see the fall of apartheid.

Here she is singing one of her signature songs, Pata Pata.

Nationwide Marriage Equality Protest!

On Saturday, November 15th, there will be a nationwide protest for Marriage Equality at 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST!

Black & LGBT

I'm working on a short video project as a black LGBT response to Proposition 8. I'm seeking 12 SF Bay Area black, openly LGBT volunteers (6 women, 6 men), as well as any LGBT families with black children willing to appear on video. The clip will be uploaded to Youtube, Myspace Video, etc. If interested, please drop me a line.

Veteran's Day

If you have a veteran in your life, make sure to thank him or her today. Regardless of our personal beliefs on war, veterans deserve our respect for their sacrifices. Speaking of which, for the Pride High fan currently serving in silence, I hope you're doing okay out there and I wish you a safe return home!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election '08

I'm thrilled that the campaign of fear and hate against Obama didn't work. I'm upset that the campaign of fear and hate worked for Prop. 8 in California. We've got a long way to go. However, a great sign of progress is that Obama mentioned the gay community in his acceptance speech, something no other president-elect has done at the close of Election Night.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Slash Weekend

If you're a fan of Slash fiction and live in the Bay Area, come on down to the Bay Area Slash Convention at the Embassy Suites of San Francisco Airport. I've been invited as a speaker and will be in the Presidio Room at 2pm on Saturday, November 8.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

APE 2008

It was great to catch up with friends like Robert Kirby and make some new ones like Joey Sayers. Joey's work was my favorite find at APE hands down! Her various collection of strips have a really random, out there sense of humor that I love. I bought one mini of hers, read it, ran back nearly in tears from laughing, bought two more, and then came back again for yet another.

Mark Padilla (artist for Pride High #10's cover along with Johnny Nolan)

Rich Boutell of Whatever... along with table partner Desmond Miller, who did all the legwork for our application. Thank you Desmond!

A more cheerful Desmond

Justin Hall and Robert Kirby joking about something, though my camera managed to catch a moment that totally looks like a fight is about to break out ;)!

Steve MacIsaac

Rick Worley, Brian Andersen, and Joan Hilty

Jennifer Camper and her partner Emily

Brent, Robert Triptow, Prism Event Coordinator Ted Abenheim, with a Prism fan

Sina Grace

Other highlights:

A Comic Con/APE organizer, Ned, came up and praised Pride High and looked forward to seeing more of it at Comic Con 2009.

Robert Randle, purchasing assistant manager of (!)Diamond(!), urged me to send the Pride High trade paperback his way once it was completed!

I got to see Pele's hairstyle in real life! Sadly I didn't get her name :(.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pride High #7

The PDF version of Issue 7 is now available. With artwork by Robert Rivera and Polawat Darapong, this is one of the best looking Pride High issues so far!

As the seasons progress, Kid Mischief can't help but look back...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Evening Unplugged

I tend to have nights where I check my email, the Pride High boards, Myspace, and Facebook, then start the cycle all over again to see if anything new has shown up. Last night was the first time in recent memory I opted to leave my home computer off completely for the night. Instead, I curled up with a book, Stalking Darkness, and read for a few hours before falling asleep.

Monday, October 27, 2008

That's So Gay

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pride High Goes APE!

The Alternative Press Expo is just around the corner! Come join the post-Halloween fun at The Concourse, 620 7th Street in San Francisco, November 1-2! I'll be at the Prism Booth both days. I'll also be on the annual APE Queer Panel. Hope to see you there!

From Ted Abenheim (Prism Comics) and Justin Hall (Glamazonia, Hard to Swallow):

Going APE! DC did it many years ago. Marvel’s doing it now. And PRISM COMICS is doing it on November 1 and 2 at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. APE is the upstart baby brother to Comic-Con featuring independent and small press comics and creators. It’s a very friendly, low-key Con that brings together a wonderful community of LBGT and LGBT-friendly creators and fans. The Expo takes place at:

The Concourse

620 7th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

Saturday, November 1 – 11 am – 7 pm

Sunday, November 2 – 11 am – 6 pm

It’s Halloween Weekend in San Francisco so APE should be very festive. Prism will be right up front at Table 338 selling LGBT comics and the Prism Guide and featuring appearances by LGBT creators. Other queer creators will be out in force with their own tables (see below). Justin Hall (Hard To Swallow, Glamazonia, True Travel Tales) has put together his fabulous annual QUEER CARTOONISTS PANEL. And we’re proud to see Paige Braddock being honored as a Special Guest of APE 2008 with a SPOTLIGHT ON PAIGE BRADDOCK panel.

The Con is inexpensive - $10 for 1 day/$15 for both days. And best yet - Comic-Con International Attendees get in for FREE when they present their 2008 Comic-Con badge!

Here’s a list of LGBT activities at APE:


CREATOR SIGNING SCHEDULE (as of this posting):

11 am - 12 pm Mark Padilla and Dick Wolf (Gravity Faggot)

12 – 1 pm Jeff Krell (Jayson)

1 - 2 pm Charles "Zan" Christensen (The Mark of Aeacus)

2 - 3 pm Tristan Crane (How Loathsome)

3 - 4 pm Sam Saturday (Load World)

4-5 pm Tommy Roddy (Pride High)


11 am – 12 pm Jeff Krell

12 - 1 pm Zan Christensen

1 - 2 pm Sam Saturday

3 - 4 pm Tommy Roddy

5 – 6 pm Mark Padilla and Dick Wolf

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1 – 3:00 – 4:00 pm


The annual Queer Cartoonists Panel once again offers up a stellar group of LGBT creators who will discuss issues of identity and sexuality in their art, being queer in the comic book world, and their sources of inspiration. This is the fifth running year of the panel, one of the most popular and lively at APE! The panel includes:

Jennifer Camper (Juicy Mother, subGIRLZ)

Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf)

Joan Hilty (Bitter Girl)

Erika Moen (DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary)

Tommy Roddy (Pride High)

Joey Alison Sayers (Thingpart)

Moderator: Justin Hall (Hard To Swallow, Glamazonia, True Travel Tales) will be focusing on several themes this year, starting with diversity within queer, artistic communities.

"In the past, queer cartooning just meant a simple, straight-forward, gay and lesbian focus, but we're seeing more diversity now, with trans creators, bisexuals, queers of color, and even bears bringing in different kinds of thematic and artistic voices," Hall said. "Queerness is being recognized as a more sophisticated and complex identity now than it was in the past, and you can see that in our comics."

Another theme that Hall wants to address is one that has been a source of interest throughout the five years he's been organizing and moderating the panel. "I'm fascinated with how queer cartoonists get their work out there to a receptive audience. In the past, LGBT cartoonists used the gay papers and bookstores, but as these traditional markets have been drying up, we've been looking to other models such as the internet, mainstream bookstores, and even comic book stores that are now more open to queer material than they have ever been," said Hall. The panel will also focus on the pros and cons of these various markets for queer comics. Attendees can look forward to lively discussion, insightful questions, and audience participation at this annual fan favorite.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2 - 1:30-2:30 pm


APE Special Guest, Paige Braddock, talks about future life on Mars, Jane's World, self-publishing, the decline of journalism, and her "day job" as creative director of Charles Schulz's studio. Moderated by the clever and witty Jason McNamara, who collaborated with Braddock on the newest release from Girl Twirl Comics, The Martian Confederacy.


Here is a list of LGBT/LGBT-friendly creators who will be exhibiting at APE:

Prism Comics – Table 338

Brian Andersen ((So Super Duper) and Rick Worley (A Waste of Time) - Table – 557

Paige Braddock (Jane’s World) – Table 339

Justin Hall and Dave Davenport (Hard to Swallow)– Table 516

Andy Hartzell (Fox Bunny Funny, Global Hobo/Break Comics) – Table 287

Robert Kirby (Boy Trouble) and Jennifer Camper (Juicy Mother) – Table 558

Steve McIsaac (Shirtlifter) and Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf)– Table 515

Sean Seamus McWhinny (Diary of a Catering Whore) – Table 409

Mari Naomi (Estrus Comics) – Table 207

Brad Rader (Harry and Dickless Tom) – Table 556

Plus many indie publishers offer LGBT material. Check the schedule and website for additional info.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mormons for Marriage

While the official position of the Mormon Church is strictly against gay marriage, some mormons are taking a stand for equality:

Courtesy of

Friday, October 17, 2008

Trikone Magazine

Suravi and Pride High are featured in the Monsoon 2008 issue of Trikone Magazine! It's the quarterly publication of Trikone, the oldest organization in the world to focus on and celebrate the South Asian LGBT community. A big thanks to Poonam, Abhay, and Harsha of Trikone! Shukriya, Dhanyavaadaalu!

Adventures in Fog City

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

California Voter Registration!

Fellow Californians, please make sure you're registered to vote! California's presidential electoral votes aside, there are important ballot measures to vote on, including the anti-gay marriage Prop. 8. The deadline to register is October 20th! The registration application can be found here:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Korean Mom for Obama

I found this by way of

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

National Coming Out Day Drawing

It's not a line drawing, but a random prize drawing to celebrate National Coming Out Day on Saturday, October 11! The winner will receive (as they become available):

1) Digital B&W lettered draft of Issue 7
2) Digital final, full color copy of Issue 7
3) Signed print copy of Issue 7 mailed to you
4) Signed original bristol board of Issue 5, page of your choice (except for page 26)

To enter the drawing, all you need to do is share your coming out story on the Pride High Boards. If you're an ally, share an experience when someone came out to you. The drawing will take place on Saturday, October 11 at 12 Noon, US Pacific Standard Time.

My friend, Rachel Edidin of is also celebrating National Coming Out Day, so feel free to send her your coming out story, as well!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Tip Your Waitress

Ah, every episode of True Blood gets better and better! In the latest episode, some rough customers make rude comments about Lafayette's cooking. Big mistake!

Sunday, October 05, 2008 Auction works toward better portrayals of women in comics, as well as greater female involvement in comics creation and fandom. Each year, the site holds an auction of original artwork to fund the activities of the all-volunteer staff. Help out this great organization and score yourself the original bristol board for the Scotch Bonnet vs Wave Witch clash in Pride High #5!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

West Hollywood Book Fair

I'll be in LA this weekend for the West Hollywood Book Fair, so if you're in town, pop on over to the Prism Booth!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

God Hates Fangs

True Blood, a new HBO series by Alan Ball (American Beauty, Six Feet Under) has me hooked! It imagines a world where Japanese scientists have created and mass-produced a synthetic blood substitute, Tru Blood, which allows vampires all over the world to "come out of the coffin." It stars Anna Paquin (The Piano, X-Men) as Sookie Stackhouse, a psychic girl who falls for her Lousiana bayou town's first vampire resident.

Generally, I've found that I rarely like the lead characters of Sci-Fi/Fantasy as much as the supporting cast, but I *heart* Sookie Stackhouse. What really won me over was the way she reacted to a hot vampire talking to her about groin arteries. She demands RESPECT! Here are some assorted clips from episodes 1 & 2:

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hollyoaks Sunset Ending

Oh man... what an ending. While part of me wishes that Kieron could've been the one for JP, I totally understand and applaud how the JP/Craig storyline wrapped up after a two year run. Love isn't simple, and this plotline really put all characters involved through the wringer. I'm still going to keep up with Hollyoaks, but I'll definitely miss those crazy boys!

On a sidenote, one of the comments called the ending theme "Epic Last Song." I thought it was just a description, then discovered that's the actual name. So very apt!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Going Greek

With my favorite storyline on my favorite soap, Hollyoaks, coming to an end (*sniffle*), I was looking around online to find something to ease the pain. I stumbled upon this little gem. It's Greek, a show about a popular sister, a dorky brother, and the Greek houses they pledge into. Rusty, the brother, has a best friend named Calvin, who is one of the most refreshing depictions of a black man on TV since Keith from Six Feet Under. The biggest shock for me was to find out that this broadcast under the ABC FAMILY banner!

Here are some assorted clips of Calvin and his bf, Heath:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain's Youngest Daughter

One of my upcoming projects is the story of Suravi's adoption. As an adoptee myself, it's an issue close to my heart. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that John McCain's family also includes an adopted daughter, Bridget, born in Bangladesh. Find out more over at Paul Myhill's blog.

While I'm a democrat, McCain was easily my favorite of the Republican primary candidates. In particular, I was very impressed with his stance against the Bush administration on the issue of torture. I'm glad I got a chance to see another side of the McCain family not often talked about in the news.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I first heard about through Spanky, who's done artwork for them, as well. A site dedicated to nerdy girls with the slogan "Smart is Sexy," I was an instant fan! Here's an interview I did with Katheren and Cindy of MNG:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Who is THE Gay Rapper?!

"It's like being the Highlander..."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gay Comic Geek Review

I met a lot of amazing people at Comic Con. Here's a video review of Pride High from one of them, Paul the Gay Comic Geek!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hollyoaks, Beauty & the Geek

I first started watching Hollyoaks for the JP/Craig storyline, but I soon got wrapped up into the lives of the other characters. Sarah's declaration of love to Elliot using Dr. Who trivia is one of the cutest moments in TV ever!!! Now I just need to find the name of the song playing in the background!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic Con Wrap Up (sort of)

So... the big photo spread wrap-up I was planning for Comic Con won't happen. I lost my camera! Grrr. Still, Zan and David of Prism have done a great job of detailing the ins and outs of Comic Con, so check the Prism Comics homepage!

Also, a video recording of the Emerging LGBT Voices Panel is up on Youtube, thanks to Brian Andersen of So Super Duper!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I *heart* Kaiser

I'm consistently impressed by my health care provider, Kaiser Permanente. As with every visit, I barely have to wait 5 minutes before I'm seen. My general care practitioner answers even the seemingly most inane health questions of mine with patience and good humor, and though I know he's got other patients, he totally takes his time and never acts like he's in a rush.

This morning, I had my second follow-up re: my ER visit. I've got a clean bill of health. The sample taken by the urologist only 2 days after the ER sample was completely clear, too fast for the medication to make a difference. The specialist and my general practitioner both think that the sample was contaminated. Their shared diagnosis is that I passed a kidney stone. Damn, it hurt, but no permanent damage. I just need to remember to drink lots of water, something I'm really, really bad about.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Cover, Start to Finish

Here's Robert Rivera's summary of the process from start to finish of a Pride High cover!

It all starts with a concept and a preliminary sketch. Tommy had the idea of putting a clock in the background.

The sketch is then traced and brought to finish on bristol board.

The finished pencils are scanned and then darkened in Photoshop. I also used Photoshop to create the clock.

While most colorists use Photoshop, I prefer using Corel Painter. It’s an awesome program for creating a colorful art piece.

Tadaa! The ‘stamp’ of Scotch Bonnet will not be on the final cover. That’s just me playing around in Photoshop :D

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ER Visit

Last night, I felt a sharp pain in my lower back. I thought nothing of it, so I stretched a bit. 30 minutes later I went to the bathroom and began to urinate blood. I immediately went to the ER. Originally they suspected a kidney stone, but after several tests, they discovered that instead, I had a fungal urinary tract infection possibly due to the course of antibiotics I've been on. Bleh. I'm just thankful my friend Justin was with me. THANK YOU JUSTIN!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sum 41

One of my favorite bands came up with this awesome video! If Veronica Mars had included a diving competition, this would be it! 09'ers vs the out crowd!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Polawat Darapong

Issue 7 has gotten a boost with the addition of Polawat Darapong to the team. Here's a look at his colors on Robert Rivera's pencils!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Moong Dal Dosa

I LOVE dosas, but the cool temperature of San Francisco isn't conducive to the fermentation required by the usual rice/urad dal dosa. I know there are ways to get around this (the pilot light/stove light trick in ovens), but I've just never gotten around to trying that out. Luckily, Manjula, my newest fave chef presented this recipe for an unfermented dosa. Her recipe worked beautifully!

The original plan was to share these with my friend Manish for brunch, but then a minor disaster struck. The kitchen of the unit above mine flooded, causing massive leaks in the living room (and a trickle right over my bed). It could've been worse though, so I'm thankful.

I added a bit of water to make the batter easier to spread than pancake batter.

The trick to cooking dosas on cast iron is to make sure the surface is not only well-oiled, but very hot from center to edges before you pour the batter.

Carefully scoop under the edges a little bit at a time to prevent the dosa from shredding. Revolve the griddle once before flipping to get a good angle on all sides.

The top side doesn't have to be cooked for long, or even at all, if your dosa is thin enough.

Stuffed with spicy potatoes, these hearty dosas are a meal all by themselves.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Freshman Flashback

Writer Tony Smith of and artist Raul Faria are working on a Pride High "freshman flashback" story! Stay tuned for more info!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lambda Literary Award for Hero

One of my favorite books, Hero by Perry Moore, recently won the Lambda Literary Award for Best Young Adult LGBT Novel! Go Perry!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Prism Guide 2008

Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide to Comics 2008 is now available. This year, it has a high school theme and includes an excerpt of Pride High #5!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aloo Gobi

I recently discovered a GREAT Indian cooking show on Youtube, Manjula's Kitchen. I've got a huge stash of potatoes, so as soon as I saw her clip on Aloo Gobi (Spicy Potatoes and Cauliflower), I knew what I was making for dinner. I tweaked the recipe here and there, but it still came out really well. The biggest changes were the substitution of tomatoes for the mango powder and the addition of mustard seeds.

I've always had trouble with "dry" Indian dishes that lack a gravy base. The dreaded "burned and stuck to the bottom of the pan" problem was far too common. However, this time around, I succeeded, thanks to Manjula. Her secret is simple. Though the dish is classified as dry, adding the bare minimum of liquid for everything to steam is essential. When prepared correctly, by the time everything is done, all excess liquid will have evaporated.

While the Aloo Gobi was cooking, I reheated a batch of dal from 2 weeks ago. This was the first time I froze leftover dal for use later. It freezes quite well!

Aloo Gobi served with rice, dal, and yogurt.