Monday, October 01, 2007

WeHo Book Fair Recap

Even though Issue 5 wasn't ready for the fair, it was super fun hanging out with the Prism crew again, including Michael Derry, the creator of a favorite comic of mine,Troy. I also met two of Pride High's biggest fans, Robert Rave and Elizabeth Daro, for the first time in person. Their show of support, as well as that of newer fans like Jason (thanks for shopping at Comic Smash!) was just so invigorating.

Nick from Comic Con (looking forward to his "Wraith" comic!) and Michael Troy were also there. Michael has a new podcast with his friend Matt, Gays on Film, which is hilarious. Along with the actual reviews, half of the fun is watching the two of them crack up and go off on wild tangents. Michael's super cute friend Scott was in charge of the Gays on Film promotions which included three hot "Movie Buffs." Dressed in only usher hats and pink hot pants, the three muscle boys definitely got a lot of attention with the West Hollywood crowd.

Another big highlight for me was meeting Patricia Nell Warren, one of my favorite authors. She wrote the Front Runner, one of the best selling gay novels of all time. I picked up two books of hers, One is the Sun and The Wild Man. Written in 2001, The Wild Man follows the life of a gay bullfighter in post-Civil War Spain, while the country is still under the yoke of Francisco Franco's fascist regime.

I started reading it at the airport and didn't put it down until I was finished at 3am in the morning. It's really amazing how Spanish society has changed since those times. It went from a country where dissenters of any sort were tortured and/or gunned down to one where gay marriage is legal. It still surprises me that Spain jumped ahead of the US in that regard!

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