Sunday, October 07, 2007

Castro Street Fair 2007

I always have a great time hanging out with the Whatever crew, fellow creators, and fans. Special thanks to Alex, who took the time to give me the kind of in-depth feedback that is a true affirmation of Pride High.

Ben, Baker, Justin and Casey.  I was at their place the previous day cooking my first full Indian dinner in a long time.

Another and Tom

Brian (creator of So Super Duper), Dex, and Paul (creators of Applesauce, my latest acting gig as the voice of Chuck).

Here's a look at Applesauce: The Adventures of Unity and Identity (and Chuck), coming in 2008!

Aleema and Jane

Jonathan and Biff


The Gravity Faggot Crew! I got a pair of Icarus undies :).

Sean, an up & coming illustrator.


Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf) and Desmond Miller (Western Horizons)


Thank you to all the friends and fans who came out for the Pride High 1-Year Anniversary! You rock!

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