Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I spent the entire holiday weekend working on the new lettering for the trade paperback. So when Monday night rolled around, the plan was to get to bed early. Oh, the best laid plans...

A while back I read a recommendation on Girl-Wonder.org for the anime series, "Claymore." I decided to check it out on Youtube. Several hours later, I finally had to stop, but only because I couldn't find anymore uploaded episodes.

Claymore is horror/fantasy epic set in a world where humans regularly fall prey to beings known as yoma. The yoma are demonic beings able to impersonate human beings perfectly and have the nasty habit of feeding on human innards. To fight back, a shadowy organization bonded humans with the flesh and blood of yoma to create powerful hybrid warriors. Known as "claymores" for their gigantic swords, they are able to tap into the same demonic energy, "yoki," used by the yoma. However, that power comes with a heavy price. The more power they use, the closer they get to actually becoming yoma themselves. The current crop hybrid warriors are an all-female force. But it turns out that there were once many male claymores, as well. To say more would be a spoiler.

Clare, the protagonist of the series totally tapped into my Buffy love. For all the blood and gore, the series has a lot of heart. Much of it comes from Raki, Clare's sidekick. Like her, he's the survivor of a yoma attack that wiped out the rest of his family. Unlike most other people, who either regard claymores as a necessary evil or fear them outright, Raki sees them as heroes.

Inevitably in a story like this, there comes the moment when the non-powered sibling, friend, lover, or sidekick has to save the hero with the power of their love. The moment doesn't always work for me. Like when Xander had to save Willow from her Dark Willow phase. But that moment worked for me in Claymore. I almost started crying even.

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