Saturday, September 22, 2007

Around the Kitchen, Around the World

In the kitchen, I like to mix it up. I don't think twice about using a Korean rice paddle to make South Indian vadas or making sushi with quinoa instead of rice. Tonight was no exception.

Lately I've been on a kimchi & yogurt kick. I'm currently on a course of antibiotics, so I've made a conscious effort to eat foods with lactobacilli on a daily basis. I knew I wanted something Indian, but I wasn't in the mood for raita, so it was kimchi for a side dish. Usually when I have a bit of indecision for a main dish, I default to dal of some sort. But tonight, though I was ready to chow down on some dal, I couldn't settle on which type. So I just combined moong, masoor, and chana dal.

I happened to look in the freezer to see bags of the akara I made in February! I totally forgot about them. Even after all this time, only one out of the batch had a "freezery" taste. The rest tasted pretty much like they did the day I made them seven months ago.

Indian Dal and Rice, Korean Kimchi, and Nigerian Akara

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