Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend with the Parents

My parents were in for the weekend. It's been decades since the last time they've been on the West Coast (we lived in Monterey when I was a baby), so they've been looking forward to this trip for quite some time. They planned it to coincide with my mother's birthday. Along with a jewel box, she also got the latest issue of Pride High.

On Saturday, our first stop was the Castro so that I could introduce them to Rich at Whatever. Rich's store was the first store to carry Pride High, and he's been such a huge help since then. My friend Brian Andersen happened to be in the store, so my parents got to see his comic book, So Super Duper, as well.

After we spent some time walking around the Castro, we headed over to Japantown. I knew my mother had gotten over her prejudice toward Japanese people years ago (stemming from the occupation of Korea in WWII). But I was still mildly surprised that she wanted to spend so much time in Japantown. We had sushi for lunch, then took in the sights of the Nihonmachi Street Fair.

Golden Gate Park was the next stop, specifically the Botanical Gardens. I was a little worried at first about my parents doing so much walking, but they did fine. One thing both of them missed from their days in northern California was the mild climate. Columbia, SC recently hit a record high of 107!

The biggest surprise of the day was bumping into an old friend randomly on the street. As I was showing my parents my old neighborhood of the Inner Sunset, I saw my friend from my frosh year at Harvard, Devi Sengupta, walking down the street. She was as surprised as I was to bump into me. The last time I had seen her was ten years ago!

Sunday, we spent the morning at my apartment, where I took my parents through the process of creating Pride High. They were pretty amazed at how everything is done online. And to be honest, sometimes I am, as well. I'm so glad I live in the internet age where desktop publishing with colleagues in other states (and countries) is possible.

The bulk of Sunday afternoon was spent in Chinatown. My dad and I pretty much stood back as my mother shopped to her heart's content. I've never been comfortable haggling with retailers. But my mother is a pro at it. She saw a coral necklace that matched earrings she purchased a few months ago in Italy (my parents were in Europe for three weeks in the Spring). It was listed for $369, but my mother got it down to $250, tax included. For her it's all part of the fun of shopping.

From Chinatown, we went to Fisherman's Wharf. I'm not a biggest fan of the tourist trap, but my parents wanted to see the sea lions. F.W. is also where they'll be meeting their tour groups for the week. Since I already used up my vacation time from Comic Con in San Diego, my parents filled up the week days with various tours throughout Northern California, including Monterey and Yosemite. They're heading back to SC on Friday, so I'll be meeting up with them on Thursday night. I just found out that neither of them have had Indian food, so I know exactly what we're having for their final dinner here in SF!

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