Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rick and Steve

For a couple of weeks I've seen commercials for "Rick and Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in all the World." Featuring animated lego characters, I was definitely interested, but I was in a crunch with Pride High at the time. A few nights ago I finally had a chance to watch this show. I'm hooked. I haven't been this instantly fond of a TV Comedy since "Strangers with Candy."

The show is set in the fictional West Lahunga Beach, which is the uber-queer, super colorful counterpart to the drab, B&W heterosexual city of Lahunga Beach (always referred to in tones of dread as REGULAR Lahunga Beach). As the name of the series suggests, the show's focus is on Rick and Steve and their close friends.

The humor of the show is *very* risqué and takes no prisoners, just like my old favorite, Strangers with Candy. One of the main characters is Chuck, an HIV positive, wheelchair-bound senior citizen. Some of the insults that the other characters throw his way have made my mouth drop, but he dishes it right back. He's no victim.

Though this changes from episode to episode, I think my current favorite character is Evan, Chuck's 19yo houseboy.  When told to give up on a hunkie blonde who is a 100% rice queen, Evan is undaunted.  "It's a known fact that Latinos can pass for Asians if we have to! (Switches to a ridiculous Asian accent as he zeroes in on the rice queen) Hey! You want numba one lovie, lovie!"

Speaking of rice, I think it's awesome that one half of the happiest gay couple in the world is Filipino. Allan Brocka, the creator of the series, manages to touch on Rick's ethnic heritage every now and then with some biting social commentary, while still presenting him as an "everyman" that viewers regardless of ethnicity can identify with. Definitely check this show out!

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foresightreviews said...

i think the sly jokes embedded in the scenery are probably the funniest things in the show. For example, did you see the name of the exercise class on the cruise? "Pontius Pilates". LOVE it!