Monday, August 06, 2007

Issue 4 in Print

The kids of Pride High prepare for their first I.S.C. match against Poseidon Prep's cyberpunk squad, Teh H4xx0rz (The Hackers).  With the tragic events of Issue 3 still fresh on their minds, will they be able to pull it together in time?  Find out in Pride High 4, Hacked!, now available in print at Prism Comics

Also included in this 48-page edition* is the mini-comic, "Western Horizons" by Desmond Miller, and a preview of Issue 5 in collaboration with Shaun "Spanky" Piela and Lynx Delirium!

Thanks again to Dex Craig & Paul Jack for making this possible!  Great job, guys!

* Limited 1st edition.  2nd edition will be in the standard 36-page Pride High format.

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