Friday, August 03, 2007

Go Girl!

While I was down at Comic Con, I had a chance to hang out with other members for the first time. The raison d'être of the site is the loss of Stephanie Brown, Batman's first female Robin, and the subsequent lack of a memorial in the Batcave, despite previous Robins receiving one. The site's mission has since expanded to critiquing misogyny in comics, as well as racism and homophobia. At, feminism isn't a dirty word!

At the Girl-wonder breakfast at The Field with Katie, Trina, Erica, Erica's pal, and Matt

Trina Robbins is the author of Go Girl!which has been a really fun read. I missed Trina's signing at Comic Con, but as luck would have it, she lives only a few blocks away from me in San Francisco. I swung by her place, picked up a signed copy, and chatted about cats, comics, and WisCon.

Go Girl! stars Lindsay Goldman, the high-flying daughter of Go-Go Girl, and her best friend Haseena Ross, girl detective. It's an all ages story that I highly recommend. It's great to see fiction about young women who spend more time kicking butt and solving crime than clamoring for the attention of boys!

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veggie barbie girl said...

Hi. my mom is Tofu Mom and she said i could leave you a comment. i just wanted to tell you my mom has gotten that comic for me. i loved it. and told her to get me some more. i don't like most of the comics my mom gets but the go girl one was really cool. yea thanks