Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Art Institute

There was a slight change of plans for the talk at the Art Institute. A small fire closed off the Main Gallery minutes before I arrived. I met up with Brian the organizer, who was able to round up eleven of the students who planned on attending. We decided to just hold it on the green next to the Civic Center Farmer's Market. Sorry to any members of the public (and students Brian didn't know) who came but weren't sure of where to go :(.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the Farmer's Market on one side and firemen filing in and out on the other, the discussion went well. As expected, most of the questions dealt with the technical nitty gritty of just getting a comic from page to press. Distribution and marketing were also major concerns.

Several of the students had tried in the past to get a comic book off the ground. But with local printing prices hovering around over $6 for a 32-pager, they were pretty discouraged. None of them had heard of Ka-Blam and all were shocked when I told them that there was no minimum run for a per-unit cost half of the expected rate.

It turns out that the Art Institute's comic book club are all working on a joint project, Oh My Gods. It's the story of the Greek Gods of old who are struggling to survive in the present day, where no one really believes in them anymore. It was great to see the "yay" looks from the students when they realized self-publishing, with the right resources, wasn't as hard as they thought.

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