Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The people of BFLAG (Blind Friends of Lesbians and Gays) have been big fans of Pride High as soon as they heard about Suravi. I got the following email from Butch Arnold, the president:

Dear Tommy,

BFLAG would like to honor you and Suravi on July 2nd or 3rd in Minneapolis, MN by giving you a "Life Membership" in BFLAG. We don't have the funds to bring you to Minneapolis but would like to find a way to have you be a part of our program. We will have a display of the 3 books that I know of at our convention and we will have someone read them to those who cannot. Please let me know how BFLAG can work this out to thank you for your support.

Butch Arnold
BFLAG President

It'll be my first time there. I can't wait!


Dex said...

Dude! That's so COOL! Congratulations. It's nice to see you getting some extra recognition!

Pelicano said...

hey congrads... it's a nice time of year to visit the midwest