Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Artists

The summer guest artists have been chosen and Pride High is moving forward once more!

Issue 4 Colorist: My friend from Pandemonium, Dex Craig

Issue 5 Penciller: Lucky Legendary artist, Spanky
Issue 5 Colorist: My friend from WonderCon, Lynx
Issue 5 Letterer: Diego Gómez of Gravity Faggot Productions

Issue 6 Penciller/Inker/Colorist: Pride High Fan and cover artist for Issues 2 & 5, Greg Narvasa

Issue 7 Penciller/Inker: Pride High fan & Myspace pal, Pat Pungpee
Issue 7 Colorist: Greg Narvasa

Here's a sneak peek at Issue 5, pages 1 & 2 courtesy of Spanky!

Lillian Thunderfoot filling in for a chem lab, Kid Mischief mentally chatting up reader character Cameron Ashton


xcentric said...
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xcentric said...

Love it!
Go Spanky!