Friday, May 11, 2007

Johnny Freedom & Wonder Mark

Last night I had dinner with the men behind Johnny Freedom, Wonder Mark, and The New Americans. And yes, Johnny & Mark really do look a lot like their characters!
The guys treated me to dinner at ASQEW, where I chowed down on tofu and portobello skewers. We got there at 6:30 and just talked non-stop about our shared love of comics, queer superheroes, their queer artist collective Gravity Faggot Productions, and how I cannot wait for the New Americans to come out. And not only would they like to do a cover for Pride High, they even expressed interest in doing an issue of Pride High in the future!

After dinner, we continued our conversation across the street at Cafe Floré. They already spotted me for dinner, but then they also got me a drink at the cafe! Such sweet guys. And what an inspiration. A gay couple dedicated to a common creative pursuit, going for a life less ordinary, and giving it their all.

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