Monday, February 26, 2007

Oasis Magazine

I was recently interviewed by Oasis Magazine, an online publication geared toward LGBT youth:

Oasis Magazine article on Pride High


Fairly Odd Tofu Mom said...

Wooo.... an interview. You're famous.

You know the problem here is that I got the first issue of Pride High simply to add to my collection of widely diverse (and-maybe-interesting-only-to-me) comics because I could say "Hey - I know the guy who does this comic" - well, OK, not "know" exactly, but we post on the same vegetarian message board and so that almost counts, right?...

But now I'm actually interested enough in them to want to get subsequent issues.

Even if, as a 40-something, straight, white, suburban mom (with no superpowers whatsoever), I obviously have nothing in common with the characters. But then, I guess sometimes that's the whole POINT.

At any rate, what I'm saying with my rambling is - great interview! Nice job!

Verdant said...

Don't forget that two of the main characters are vegetarian, and one of their teachers is vegan. All care deeply about animals, and I'd say that's a pretty strong common bond with you. Plus, I could easily call Kid Mischief's foster father a "fairly odd tofu dad" :). Glad Pride High has caught your interest!