Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Feb. Challenge, Conclusion

So today marks the end of the February $100 challenge. I didn't meet my goal (I spent $150), but I still learned a lot. Specifically I've gained newfound empathy for parents on a budget. Pride High is my baby. It requires not only a lot of money, but a lot of time & energy. And at the end of the day, I'm so glad that I'm doing this. I don't go out very often anymore, I rarely watch TV (I catch Heroes online), I don't socialize with friends as much... but I don't regret the domestication of my life. The comic book is part of realizing a dream, and all these things I do, I do them gladly. I realize I'm stretching the metaphor rather thinly, but there you have it!

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Fairly Odd Tofu Mom said...

Truly not stretching the metaphor much at all... I'm impressed with your insight. You sound like you understand the sacrifices of "parenting" (whatever/whoever your "baby" might be) far better than many of my real world friends - and that earns tons of respect in my book!