Thursday, February 01, 2007

$96.76, Toor Dal

I really had the urge to splurge after a rough day of work. And I really didn't feel like walking home or cooking after work. But I stuck to the plan. I wasn't about to wimp out on the FIRST day. I raided the pantry again and found a bag of toor dal (dried pigeon peas) that I purchased about a year ago. I love the shelf life of dried beans. I had sambar in mind, but since I didn't have tamarind extract, I just followed this basic dal recipe, just with toor dal instead.

The bulk of my meals this week have consisted of leftover split pea soup (I cooked a gargantuan amount on Monday) and whole yogurt. I'm not on a diet, so I decided to get the cream top vanilla yogurt, since it packs more calories for your buck. And omg, cream top vanilla is SOOOOOO GOOD! I'm not sure I'll ever be able to go back to nonfat.

To add some veggies to my meals, I've added kimchi to the split pea soup. Not exactly a traditional combo, it's pretty good. The cold kimchi has the added benefit of cooling piping hot soup down just enough to savor sans tongue-burn.

Work is another budget-saver. There's free tea and juice, and often agents will offer to buy me something when they head out for coffee. Though I appreciated the gesture, I used to refuse. But with this budget crunch? Bring on the free food! I had a free egg salad sandwich for lunch yesterday, one of my favorites.

$1.25 - cheese roll from Noe Valley Bakery
$1.99 - iTunes download for Battlestar Galactica's latest episode

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