Sunday, February 04, 2007

$47.57, Rebel Girl / Moron

Last night I went out dancing with my new roommate Sydney and her friends. It was a lesbian club night called "Rebel Girl." Given the lack of dance nights in the city for women, I wanted to show my support. I gave two copies of Pride High #1 to the DJs. Rebel Girl is totally the sort of thing I'd like to advertise in the comic book. Though I have to say, when "Push It" starts blasting in a room full of lesbians, it's time to leave the dancefloor! I got jostled around like a ping pong ball in a lottery tumbler!

Though none of this has anything to do with why I am a complete moron. Here's an excerpt of the email my Aussie ex sent me: "If you're free this Sunday (4th) of Feb, I'd like to catch up."

I have no idea how I got the dates mixed up like that!

Dinner with ex-bfs can be awkard to say the very least, but thankfully that wasn't the case with Rob. We had a good time catching up. It was definitely worth the $.

$7.00 - Rebel Girl cover charge
$12.70 - Thai House Express

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Wes said...

So when are we going to have an awkward dinner and catch up?