Saturday, December 02, 2006

Boy Trouble

Tonight I went to a comic book reading at Magnet in the Castro. Five queer cartoonists shared their work from the "Book of Boy Trouble" anthology.

The five were Jaime Cortez (Sexiles/Sexilos), Justin Hall (True Travel Tales, Hard To Swallow), Andy Hartzell (Monday, Fox Bunny Funny), Nick Leonard (Holy Titclamps), and Steve MacIsaac (Sticky, Shirtlifter).

Nick Leonard and a friend telling a very bad, but cute joke about Barbara Streisand.

Justin Hall enthralled the crowd with a tale of the Malaysian Hindu festival, Thaipusam.

Andy Hartzell needed someone to help him read from his selection, "Date with an Angel." I volunteered and had a blast providing the dialogue for the naughty angel. I'm currently reading his latest work, Fox Bunny Funny. It has no dialogue at all, but the art is superb and totally carries the story. It uses the relationship between predator & prey as a metaphor for race, sexuality, and gender identity. I was reminded of the time I spent in the boy scouts, with all the effort put into making me a "real man."

Steve MacIsaac, who read a wonderful piece (I can't seem to find it in Boy Trouble) about the near-invisibility of men who don't fit the standard of gay male beauty.

Jaime Cortez, who read "Aquella Noche" (That Night), a haunting piece about the power dynamics in a relationship between a young, poor latino and an older, rich white man.

Justin again, the organizer for this whole shindig!

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Steve MacIsaac said...

Hey thanks for posting. You can't find that story in BOY TROUBLE because it isn't IN Boy Trouble -- I thought I'd read from some more recent work instead of from the BOY TROUBLE piece, because that was easily available to people. The piece I read was a revised version of an old story called "In Plain Sight", and will be available in an anthology called Queerbait, out next month (I think). I will also post it on the website at some point soon.

It was nice to meet you, good luck with your publishing endeavours.

Steve MacIsaac