Sunday, October 01, 2006

Castro Street Fair, Success!

The signing was AMAZING! Thanks to everyone who came by! We sold 85 copies! I'll write more later, but I need some sleep!

Setting up inside the store with Rich (owner of Whatever), Brad (rpgcub), and Blake (Silverback), 9am

The kids at eye level on the window

Blake Curia, writer & artist of the upcoming Pride High spin-off "The Dropouts," and proud sponsor of Pride Comics

Eric (Hollow) & Kyle (Rave) -- Eric's character Hollow is now officially Kid Olympus' cousin :)!

Paul Jack of "Poet Beware Productions"



Greg Wu of Eidos (makers of Tomb Raider)

Jane Aceituno, proud sponsor of Pride Comics

Joey, Kenne, Eric of the Whatever Comics Discussion Group


Eli & Katie

Local SF actor, Brandon Grimaldi, who brought me flowers!


Toby Chase said...

Hey Tommy, I had heard through the grapevine that you put out your comic book! I'm way proud of ya, it's awesome you turned all those stories into a real product! Keep up the good work.
Toss me a hello sometime

-Toby Chase

Verdant said...

TOBY!!! How have you been?!