Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bike Tour of San Francisco

After waking up at 1:30pm today, I decided to reclaim the day with a 20 mile bike tour of San Francisco. I meant to do this back when I first moved to San Francisco back in August of 2004. Better late than never!

One of my least favorite intersections, 14th and Folsom

A quick pit stop at Rainbow Cooperative for some amazake to fuel my bike ride

The Main Public Library

The Farmer's market in front of the Civic Center

Market Street

Fisherman's Wharf


Treasure Island

Teatro Zinzanni, a popular Italian dinner theater joint

Tourist Central


Golden Gate Bridge in the distance

The sea lions

Fort Mason Park

Getting closer...

Surfers at Golden Gate Bridge

A sea lion playing with the surfers

The Pacific from Golden Gate Bridge

Nearing Marin

Marin County

Alcatraz from Marin

Oakland far in the distance

Downtown San Francisco just in view

More of Marin

Sea Cliff Coyote crossing

The Pacific from Sea Cliff

The wonderfully long, downhill ride to Ocean Beach

Golden Gate fading into the distance

A monument to San Francisco's Japanese-American immigrants

Marin from Sea Cliff

Another monument to the Japanese-Americans, though completely in Kanji

Ocean Beach

Ducks at Golden Gate Park

Downhill on 17th on my way home

I couldn't wait to take a shower. I was exhausted, and extremely cold due to the temperature drop in the Sunset (San Francisco's microclimates are nothing to mess with). Next time I'll be more prepared. But despite my exhaustion, it was an incredibly fun ride with breaktaking views. San Francisco is such beautiful city.

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Serendipity said...

These are really great SF pictures. I've never been there, but someday, I'll take all my family in there for vacation.