Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pandemonium Premier

I just got back home from the premier of Pandemonium, my first feature length film! We had a sold out crowd at the Opera Plaza Theater of San Francisco. It was a total blast. Several of my coworkers were able to make it (thanks Romeo, Brendon, Jen, and Bill!), as well as my roommate Jane and friend Wes. The movie was very well received and we raised over $1,200 for my castmate Roman, who is riding in this year's AIDS Lifecycle.

I'm on such a high. Before tonight I was miffed that we didn't make it into Frameline this year. But we still pulled off an amazing screening. And I'm very happy with the way it became a fundraising event.

The icing on the cake came in the form of two emails waiting for me at home. One was from Steve Dorsey of the Dorsey Film Group in San Jose. I worked with him on "Date No. 2," an entry in last year's San Francisco 48 Film Project, and he invited me to join them for this year's competition. The second email was from "Las Vegas Thomas", another fan of Hidden Frontier. He's working on his own indie sci-fi project and offered me a role. Summer is here!

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