Sunday, April 02, 2006


Five years ago I was a member of a round-robin superhero fiction group. Over the course of three years, the other members and I wrote dozens of short stories on a group of gay superheroes and straight allies. The basic premise was a world where superheroes were common. But gay heroes were expected to be discreet and "focus on being heroes," as if being gay and being a hero were mutually exclusive.

I've recently reconnected with my fellow writers. One of them was in New Orleans when Katrina hit... but he saved his computer, and every single story and image file we had from our heyday was still intact. We've decided to make a comic and are now in the process of editing and updating our fiction. For publishing, we'll most likely go with the independent online publishing house, ComixPress, thanks to the recommendation of my comic-savvy friend, Eric. Thanks Eric!

We're looking for a gay or gay-friendly artist with a deep interest in the LGBT community, as well as comics. This will be paid work, with a rate to be negotiated. If this interests you, please contact me with examples of your work.

Here's a peek at an custom action figure made by a friend that's based off of the fiction.

Verdant the Action Figure

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