Monday, January 23, 2006

Morgen Tomorrow

Recently, I've been thinking of making a scrapbook for my acting gigs. In the meantime, I'll do it virtually, with updates on the roles I'm going for in the Bay Area.

With Pandemonium all wrapped up, it's time to look for something else to sink my teeth into. The following caught my eye:

Morgen Tomorrow

Here's an excerpt from the cover letter I just sent to the production crew.

I'm an actor with 3 years of experience in both film and theater. The last role I played was that of a gender-bending office worker named "Trishel." I find it great that Tracy, while androgynous, is still one of the football players! I would love to audition for that role...

A friend of mine expressed concern over the fact that most of the roles I've played have been gay or bisexual men. He's got a legitimate concern regarding typecasting. Here's a rundown of some of my past roles:

Brady: Bisexual super freak with some serious scatological tendencies.

Darren: Wistful gay boy in love with his closeted friend.

David: Gay family poster boy. Great with kids. Not so great with ex-wives.

Yo Yo: Closeted surfer who is dumb as dirt.

Trishel: Flamboyant office bitch diva with prescription sunglasses and a creative understanding of office-appropriate clothing.

Though many of my past roles share a sexual orientation, that's where the similarities end. And really, I think it's great when gay roles are actually played by gay men. This isn't a criticism of Brokeback Mountain. It's more of a big "?" over why, with all the gay boys in highschool and college drama programs, there are so few openly gay actors.

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