Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tea Eggs

One of the best cookbooks I've read is Irene Kuo's "The Key to Chinese Cooking." Mrs. Kuo presents the culinary history of China as an integral part of learning this fine cuisine, rather than the tangent in lesser cookbooks. Her explanations are quite clear and her anecdotes sometimes hilarious. And like all of my favorite cookbook authors, she gives you the basic tools for a good meal along with the confidence to experiment and improvise. It isn't a vegetarian cookbook, but it gives a firm foundation in Chinese cuisine to branch off from.

I have yet to replenish my basic Chinese staples, so there wasn't a lot I could choose from while thumbing through the cookbook. And then I saw "Tea Eggs." The last time I had these was TEN years ago in college, so I knew I had to make them!

Cracked and slow-simmered in a solution of tea and soy sauce, these aren't everyday hard-boiled eggs!

Tea Eggs