Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Pepper Moong Dal

My original plan for dinner was vegetarian bin dae duk (Korean mung bean pancakes), but I didn't soak the beans overnight, and I didn't have any kimchi. Sorry Mom! Mung beans are used even more extensively in Indian cuisine, so I switched gears and went for a dal (surprise).

Mung beans (moong dal) are packed with protein. For comparison, 1/4 cup of dried mung beans has about the same amount of protein and calories as 2 large eggs (approx. 12g pro/170 cals). Though I now consume animal protein in the form of eggs and dairy, legumes help keep vegetable protein the predominant form in my diet.

The lack of characteristic green color for the mung beans is because the hulled and split variety is often used in dal.

The whole spices (cumin, fennel, mustard seed, and bay leaves) are sautéed until the mustard seeds just start to pop. Then the diced onion is added, and then a few minutes after that the peppers. Mustard seeds are such a great timing device. I often put just a few in a dish that normally doesn't contain them just so I know when main spices have been sautéed just right. The ground spices (coriander seed and chili flakes) are added last.

Pepper Moong Dal served with Basmati

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