Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sai Bhaji

My roommate Ketan introduced me to a great Sindhi dish known as Sai Bhaji. I was too tired to cook at first, but the smell coming from the of the kitchen revived me. I made a quick batch of Jeera Chaval (cumin rice) to accompany the main dish.

Ketan's mini-pressure cooker gets a lot of use.

I almost burned the rice! The aroma from the sai bhaji was so good and masked the scent of the cooked rice.

The spinach was silken from the pressure cooking. I'm definitely adding this dish to my repertoire.

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Alka said...

This is Alka,from http://sindhirasoi.com
I loved the way u imbibe different cuisine and flavors in your kitchen
Felt too glad to express,after reading this post on saibhaji
My humble blog is dedicated to Sindhi cuisine,and i wud love to see u there;-)
Here is the link for my version of saibahji
If you wanted to add a magical flavor,and aroma to this veggie,then just add few fresh fenugreek leaves along with spinach and i m damn sure u wud love this saibhaji more