Sunday, September 25, 2005

Saag Chole and Zucchini Pepper Pulao

Thom, my friend from New Orleans, decided to start his life over in the Bay area. Until he finds a job and an apartment, he'll be staying with me. I generally tone the heat down on the Indian dishes I make for non-Indian friends. However, since Thom's a Louisiana boy and no stranger to hot and spicy food, I didn't hold back tonight.

I had tons of leftover spinach from the Sai Bhaji, so I put it to use in what's probably my favorite spinach dish, Saag Chole. It's also commonly known as Chana Saag.

My personal version follows the basic template of Chana Masala. But instead of (or in addition to) tomatoes, well-cooked spinach is added to the fried onion and spice mixture. I had a tomato on hand, but I opted to save it for a dish that would highlight both the tomato's flavor and color.

About a pound and a half of spinach boils down to about 2 cups.

Once the onions are translucent it's time to fry the spices.

It doesn't very green yet, but it will once everything is put through the food processor.

I also had an extra red bell pepper and zucchini from the Sai Bhaji night, so I made a quick pulao to go along with the Saag Chole.

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