Monday, September 26, 2005

Rajma Tikkis

Like pakoras and vadas, tikkis are a common snack in India. The most popular is the pan-fried type made from potatoes, Aloo Tikki. But since I wasn't in the mood for a separate dal, I decided on a more substantial kidney bean variation, Rajma Tikki.

I substituted semolina for the cornflour in the recipe, since the stuff would otherwise just sit in the pantry.

Cutting it into 1/8ths wasn't enough, so after this picture I split each 1/8th once more for a thinner tikki.

Most tikkis are pan-fried. I'm sure this one could've been as well. But pan-scrape messes really annoy me, so I followed the recipe and deep-fried them

Rajma Tikkis (with a mixture of last night's leftovers)

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