Monday, August 15, 2005

Masala and Movies

It's been a long time since I've posted my dinners on here. I was inspired by Wes, as well as Kit from, to get back into the cooking groove. I've been eating out FAR too often lately. In fact, for the past two weeks I haven't cooked a single meal! Definitely not ideal, so I decided to get back to basics, which for me consists of homecooked (often Indian) meals.

Wes is transitioning to vegetarianism, so on Saturday we had lunch at New Ganges, a vegetarian Indian restaurant in the Inner Sunset. I hate to say this, but it was pretty subpar. I was particularly disappointed with our order of channa masala which had a pale yellow gravy, rather than the robust, deep orange that is customary (from caramelized onions, roasted spices and fresh tomatoes that have been simmered down). I promised Wes that I would treat him to the real deal.

In other news, August has been a great month. On Sunday I finished all of my scenes in "Pandemonium", my first feature film. It's a local, indie production and is best described as a gay coming-of-age story spliced with a campy horror flick. More on that later. This month I also have two entries in two separate short film festivals:

Date No. 2, Thursday, Aug 18th at the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Festival

Doodie Calls, Saturday, Aug 20th at the San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival

I met Peaches, the organizer of the SFUSF today in person. I totally didn't expect the hunky guy who answered the door to be the crazy drag queen that I adore. Most drag queens tend to make mediocre looking men. Peaches/Josh is quite the hottie as a guy.

The ingredients for Channa Masala (chickpeas in spiced tomato gravy), Saag Aloo (spinach and potatoes) and Haldi Chaval (turmeric rice)

Frying whole cardomom pods, cumin, and a cinnamon stick before adding the rice, water and turmeric.

Wes helping out with the channa masala.

The masala gravy made from tomatoes, onions, cumin, coriander, hing, cayenne and tamarind juice (a quick substitute for amchur/dried mango powder)

Channa Masala, Saag Aloo and Haldi Chaval

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