Thursday, September 23, 2004

こんにちはウアイトガル (Hey White Girl)!

I swung by the Japanese and Korean groceries as I had a craving for sushi and kimchi. Frequently being the only non-caucasian in all-white environments has gotten me used to double-takes from people. I used to take this personally, until I realized that for the majority of people it's just simple surprise and not some manifestation of innate racism.

I found my feet in the other shoes today. As I hauled my bounty of Japanese groceries to the counter, I looked up and was visibly surprised. My cashier, in the middle of Japantown, in Nijiya Japanese market was a white girl! In my whole life of shopping in Asian markets, I've never once seen a caucasian person behind the counter. Atfer the momentary shock we shared smiles. I'm sure she's gotten used to it. It's cool that Nijiya Market hired her. Maybe she's a college student who thought it would be a good way to immerse herself in Japanese? Next time I see her, I'm going to ask. What an experience it must be for her.

Oh, and there were two other surprises for me today, a nude man casually window shopping on Castro Street and nori priced at 10 cents a sheet Well, actually for SF, the former wasn't that much of a surprise. But the cheap nori certainly was. The last time I saw nori at that price was 7 years ago in Brookline, MA. Since then the absolute lowest I've seen is 20 cents/sheet. ありがとうにじや!

I was going to roll sushi for dinner tonight, but I couldn't find my bamboo roller. So I went with pan-fried tofu, kimchi, and rice.


Wayne said...

I.. I so wanna taste the pan-fried tofu.....

Wayne said...

Tommy, check this out!,,FOOD_9785_3274202,00.html