Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Verdant the Action Figure

Here's one of the items I've packed for the big move to San Francisco. It was an early birthday gift for 2002 from my Canadian friend, Kel. It was a complete and utter surprise. I don't remember the last time I got a gift that was completely handmade and tailored so specifically for me. Kel is simply awesome! For the rest of this entry, he takes the reins and details the process of creating a queer vegan action figure.

Paragon City's Favorite Treebugger!
by Kel C.

Here's a li'l page devoted to the second PRISM action figure i made... everyone's favorite vegetable muncher, Verdant. Verdant's #1 fan received the fig in the mail already and is humoring me by saying he is pleased. ;) 6 pics follow...please be patient.

verdant_front2.jpg (45148 bytes)

He's got the free condom and rainbow US flag accessory. Seems to be a trend. This time around the flash on my camcorder seemed to be having problems with the whites of the figure's eyes, they're not as huge as they look in the above pic. Here's a blurry, darker pic (no flash used) from my other digicam to prove it:

verdantfig5.jpg (30381 bytes)

The text underneath the "Verdant" reads: "Paragon City's favorite Treebuggger!!" The text off to the side reads "Light it Up!! With Thickets of Dense Foliage and Autographed Flamer Poster! Also Includes Free Condom!!"

verdant_right2.jpg (25386 bytes)

And here on the side we can see that i did indeed include a scale replica of an actual Flamer poster. It's signed "JC, 'i care about you'. --Alex" and has three little red kissy marks on the face and chest. Verdant and Flamer are "close." ;)

verdant_left2.jpg (35484 bytes)

Yet another pic with the whites of his eyes looking bigger than they actually day i'll get the art of action figure photography down. One day. Off to the figure's right there are little pine trees from the hubby's model railroad days, and above those there is a bunch of lichen from the same source. The brown stuff on the figure's left is actual tree bark, and the black box with the arrow above it reads: "Look Kids! Bark to Chew On! Be Vegan Like Verdant!"

verdant_back.jpg (40044 bytes)

Actually remembered to snap a pic of the back card this time, not that it can actually be read at this size.

===>The full image<===

Please note the complete lack of the words "woody" and "stump". Too easy. ;)

And that's my grade seven art project! ...Who's next? ...Who knows!!
--Kel C.


Bliss said...

I absolutely love your blog! The action figure is incredibly funny. The food, omg! Please have me over for dinner! LOL Great work.

Wes said...

I miss you.