Monday, August 09, 2004

So Close

Last night was movie night at a house of all gay vegans. After three years of living in vegan unfriendly South Florida, I feel like I am now in some alternate reality. As would be expected in San Francisco, the "Gateway to Asia", many people are big fans of Hong Kong cinema. So the movie chosen was "So Close", an HK action thriller.

"Hong Kong director Corey Yuen (one of Jackie Chan's childhood kung fu classmates) delivers a radically fun punch to the head with this surprisingly moving, big budget, action wedding cake. Two assassin sisters, Shu Qi (THE TRANSPORTER) and Vicky Zhao (SHAOLIN SOCCER), versus one cop, Karen Mok (FALLEN ANGELS), in a movie that's not only an upgrade of the Hong Kong "Girls with Guns" genre, but a lesbian date flick, as well."
---Excerpt from the New York Asian Film Festival:

Guns, hot asian chicks in skimpy outfits, and girl-on-girl action... this film sounds like a Californian frat boy's dream. However, it was pretty fun for the trio of queer vegan boys who watched this last night. Maybe it was the death-by-stiletto-heels and the Carpenters Sound track. Yes, the Carpenters. Who knew that a frenetic fight scene with flying shards of glass, bullets whizzing by, and cyanide gas could be done to the song "Close to You." You have to see/hear it to believe it.

As with every movie in the "Reluctant Assassin" genre, the message is "every life you take, a piece of you dies as well." Oh, along with "never trust a woman with fashionista South Beach sunglasses."

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Wayne said...

Heh, yeah, that Movie was decent. (Even though it was said to be the Asia version of "Charlies Angel")
Su QUi looks great in the movie, - and you know why they have to end her scene so early in the movie?

Cause she had to leave to shoot another movie!