Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Red Beans & Rice Didn't Miss Her

Though my recent move disrupted things a bit, I've gotten back into triathlon training. But this time around, I'm lifting weights as well, rather than the 100% endurance training I was doing before. Over the years I've lost quite a bit of lean muscle mass. I used to be solid at 165 lbs but now I'm holding steady at 140. I don't need to get back all that weight, but I think a good 15 lbs of lean muscle would be great, and would help my racing a lot. There's lot of debate on how much protein people need to gain muscle effectively, but I tend to side with people like vegan weightlifter Mike Mahler. His suggestion is 0.8g-1g per pound of bodyweight.

Red beans and rice is a great dish for people looking to gain weight. It's protein packed and really simple to make. Just sauté diced onions with a bay leaf, add cooked rice and canned beans, dump your favorite spice mix, and stir well. When using left-over rice, which is what I did today, the time from stove to table is 10 minutes max.

"Give me a sista, can't resist her, red beans and rice didn't miss her..." Ah, even Sir Mix-a-lot gives props to the vegan diet.

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Wayne said...

Red bean also detox your body, and give you that beautiful skin complextion that many girls dream of. :)