Thursday, August 12, 2004

Bay Area Vegetarians

Tonight I went to my first Bay Area Vegetarian dinner. It was at this great restaurant Golden Era which specializes in Pan-Asian vegan food with a heavily Vietnamese influence. It was so surreal to be surrounded by so many vegetarians and vegans. We had a party of 12, but the restaurant was completely packed, with about 8 people waiting in the lobby to be seated.

We decided on family style with all of us sharing the entrees. That's nothing new to me, but I've never shared with such a large group before. There was a constant progression of food. I feel like I've been to a Thanksgiving dinner, I am so stuffed! Several of us were planning to head out to see Super Size Me afterward, but we got so wrapped up in conversation that before we knew it, it was too late. I'm definitely looking forward to more of these. Good food, fun people, great conversation.

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