Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Bombay Bazaar

Ben and I walked around Valencia street today, where he took me to a cool place that was half Pirate Shop (whips, lard, eye-patches) and half student creative writing center. Yes, really. Oh, and at Dolores Park there were two guys in thongs sunning their buttcheeks. This place is a busy park, with people running around, playing frisbee, walking dogs, etc. Only in San Francisco. I *heart* this town. Ben and I had lunch at a great taco joint, then of course I had to stop by the local Indian grocery, Bombay Bazaar.

Crushing cardomom pods and grinding pistachio with sugar

Pistachio Burfee, one of my favorite sweets

Roasting chana dal for the coconut chutney

Not enough eggplant to make baingan bharta, so I combined it with potatoes for baingan aloo.

Roasting a pappad (spiced urud bean wafer) over an open flame

Ben tending to the bhaji (onion and chickpea fritters)

Greg and Ben can't wait to eat

Wait no longer! Garlic & Chili Pappads, Baingan Aloo, Onion Bhaji, Golden Coconut Chutney, Masoor Dal, and Basmati, with Pistachio Burfee for dessert.

Greg lounging with a burfee square in hand after dinner

I'm smiling because Greg has a large dishwasher

After dinner, the three of us lolled around like pregnant women for a bit, then Ben took me to "Trannyshack." The theme of the night was New Wave Hookers. Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera :(. Highlights of the night included Heklina giving "George Dubya" a blow (simulated, this wasn't a sex club!) and an equestrian drag number. Oh, and I got to see my first straight girl drag performer. She actually wasn't bad at all. The mix of people was fantastic as was the mix of music. Techno, hip hop, 80s, it all got played. Damn, I wish I had taken pictures...

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