Friday, April 30, 2004

North and South

North and South India, that is :).

Sorting through urud dal

Soaking the kidney beans, urud dal (along with some fenugreek seeds), and rice the night before. Some beans like chickpeas I sort through rather quickly, as I am really only looking for stones. But with kidney beans, I also keep an eye out for moldy seeds.

Grinding the rice and beans into a batter the next morning

Covering with cheese cloth to keep out the bugs (and the cat!) while it ferments for the day.

The secret to dosa frying is rubbing an oiled onion onto the cast-iron cook surface when hot. The sulfur compounds bond to the cookware and form a non-stick seal.

Perfect lift-off!

Stove top multi-tasking

Cumin seeds pan-frying along with black and green cardomom pods before the basmati is added.

Me (Tommy)

The feline observer, Bumpkin ("Bumps")

The finished meal of Rajma Masala, Dosas, and Jeera Chaval (North Indian Kidney Bean Curry, South Indian Fermented Rice & Bean "Crepes", and Cumin Rice), served with homemade apple-mango chutney.

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